Posted by: cassidyforcolorado | March 20, 2009

Letter to Vacancy Committee

This is an email I sent yesterday to the Vacancy Committee filling the House seat for district 3 of the Colorado Legislature.

Dear Vacancy Committee Member,

I am writing to ask for your support in filling the vacancy in HD3. In 1994 I chose not to run for reelection to the Senate because it had proven to be too disruptive to my family. My children are now grown and while I really thought that politics was behind me, I found a perfect storm which makes me again want to serve. My neighbors are losing their jobs, many are without medical care and some without hope. Just as John Kennedy inspired a generation to serve, now President Obama is calling us to do what we can.  I have some relevant experience as you can see from reading the attached resume. I cannot sit comfortably in a classroom telling my students to serve their community if I am not willing to do the same. I hope that you might consider joining me in this effort. If you can spare the time I would be pleased to visit with you in person or by telephone.

I can be reached at 303 757-4125.

Sam Cassidy


  1. […] Recently I offered to fill a vacancy in House District 3 when our incumbent legislator resigned mid-term. I know it seems a little “nuts” (as Madeline Albright might say) but if you read my resume and think about the deep problems we face as a community right now you might understand why I might feel a need to respond to the call of these times by pursuing public service. (I wrote about this more specifically in my original letter to the members of the vacancy committee.) […]

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